Thursday, June 4, 2009

Back in the Action

So sorry it's been so long, my dears. School completely wiped me out, and then my summer was complete crap. Ohhh well.. excuses, schmexcuses, huh?

I have not been nearly as diligent as my friend Beans:

But, alas, I am back, and I will try to write a blog every week.

The aforementioned crappy summer started off very promising.

My birthday was spent at Six Flags because, as you know from my Sea World experience, I LOVE roller coasters. Three of my favorite people went with me: Beans, Twigs, and Forrest (a.k.a. my husband). It was full of screams, maniacal laughing, laughs, food, and FUN! Let me tell ya, you could NOT imagine how different the 4 of us's an interesting mix. Conservative, liberal, in between, undecided, sassy, sarcastic, goofy, and hiiiilarious. Dear. LORD.

Anyway, after that fabulous weekend of turning 24, (Yes, I take the entire weekend..and actually, pretty much the whole week. Birthdays are like national holidays to me.), I got to experience something on the opposite end of the spectrum.

A car accident.

Don't worry. I'm okay. Nothing that a chiropractor couldn't fix over a span of several weeks, but it was a little jarring. One minute I'm stopped at a stop sign, and then a few seconds later I'm being rear-ended by a lady going at least 35 mph. And then SHE gets out of the car and starts screaming at ME. Her car was completely totaled.. I was a bit luckier on the car end of the spectrum because mine was driveable..buuut it still had some bumps and bruises. (Fun fact: it was my husband's nice car that I had borrowed for the day..) (Disturbing fact: crazy lady had a baby in the car...that was unharmed, thank God..)

So, at this time, Evan's car is completely repaired (at the expense of her insurance), and I am pretty much recovered (at the expense of her insurance). Although, I am still jumpy when in the car and prone to shrieking, which can really cause some tension when other people are driving.

We went to Eureka Springs to celebrate our one year. Very unique town. Claustrophobia and heights cannot be an issue for visitors here. For one, the streets are pretty darn narrow... sometimes you feel like you're in some messed up Alice in Wonderland with Victorian houses on either side of you threatening to squish you to death. Then at other times, you feel relatively charmed by the set up. At one point, Evan was walking behind me, pushing me up a hill to our dinner destination. Heights cannot be an issue because the town is pretty high up, trees and sharp drops everywhere. It's quite beautiful, but I always feel more at home in the mountains. As soon as possible, I will be moving somewhere with mountains.

Then, my friends, it all went to hell. (Other than a weekend jaunt to the lake with Forrest, Beans, Twigs, seester, and Nicolette--as well as a weekend in Galveston with the in-laws..) Money ran out, my death trap car died, and I was thrown back to the humbling summer job as a babysitter. Exhausting days with iiiiiitty bitty paydays. The reason I took the babysitter job was to have more time to polish off my novel, but alas, that didn't happen. Watching for one family didn't pay the bills so it turned into 2 families..then 3..then went all the way up to 5 different families. Fun.

BUT now the summer is over. We have moved out of the house and into an apartment. I'm loving the change.. I have a new (slightly used) car that is wonderful. And the semester has started which means: I get to see my people more. I get paid more. And I get to write more. Thank. GOD.

Stay tuned for more stories... Maybe the next tale will be about the week I had to eat meat (I've been a veggie for 3.5 years) because we were so broke. Ahhhh, Summer 2009, you can go straight to Hell.

I've missed you, blogging world. It's good to be back.

**Picture is of me and my pretty car.


Cynthia L. H. said...

You're back!!!! WooHoo!!!!!! Welcome back! I've missed you. (Your blog.) (And you.) :^0 ;^)
Almost every day since school began I check your blog to see if you're here. Today you are. YES!!!!
Once again, I'm sorry you had a rough summer. I am soooooooo glad that you have your new vehicle. Great pic! You look lovely, as usual.
Yay! (Again!) I'm really excited...can ya' tell???!!!
Love you,

Frankie said...

car so preeeeeeetty. and yet, I've never ridden in it.....

Beans needs a tag, I'd say. I am mentioned TWICE and am thus deserving of a tag.

TheLandofLynds said...

Welcome back: )...uh...your sister has a blog too: 0...not the pro writer like you and Mom...but eh hem....however am related...
Do it to it.
love and twlight,
your devoted fan and even more devoted seester

Cynthia L. H. said...

Fun! I like the new pic and background!
(....P.S. to Lynds: You are a great writer, too...your blog is proof of that...and you technically have great experience because you have been faithful to write journals for yearrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!)


kanishk said...

Great pic! You look lovely, as usual.

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